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Chase bergner


  • Certified fitness pro since 2010

  • NFPT Certified

  • Cooper Clinic certified

  • TRX certified

  • C.P.R. certified

I have been involved with sports my entire life. The one I excelled at from a young age was martial arts. I earned my black belt at the age of 14, from one of the best in the business...Grand Master Roy Kurban. By the time I was 15 I had already won state championships and achieved a national ranking.

By the time I turned 16 I had given up martial arts because I believed it wasn't the "cool" thing to do anymore. I wanted to hang out with my "so called" friends and party all the time. For the next couple of years I was in and out of trouble, drugs and alcohol, fights and depression. I was shipped off to military school later that year.

At school I was picked on, and made fun of for being different. The only thing that helped me take my mind off things was working out. I found myself doing thousands of push ups, pull-ups and crunches wishing I were bigger and stronger so that I could defend myself. After a few months being away from the drugs, alcohol and partying my body started getting back to how it was when I was in my prime doing martial arts.

Yes, it helped me physically, but it me mentally even more. I found that I had more confidence in myself...I began to believe I could achieve things again. I realized that instead of following a bunch of people who were going nowhere, I was a leader. I realized how I could lead people to a healthier lifestyle. How I could motivate people, and help them become better in every aspect of their life!

After getting out of boarding school I had the first real tragedy in my life. My best friend passed away. He was still battling his demons from drugs and alcohol. It was then that I dedicated my life to helping others conquer their push past the fears holding them back in life. To surpass the limits people set for themselves...not just physically, but in all aspects of life. Changing your life might not be easy, but it will always be worth it!

aaron dottin


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Over a year of experience

  • Physique Competitor

I've worked with a number of persons ranging from weight-loss, speed & agility, and vertical programming. Fitness has greatly impacted my life and self-development. I entered the personal training world hoping to lift and influence those around me.

chelsea blubaugh


  • ISSA Cert

  • 3 + years experience

  • Worked for YMCA

  • Yoga Instructor

I'm highly energetic person, I will help push and motivate you to reach your goals. I am not only a trainer but I am also here to coach and guide you in your fitness journey. I will help you learn to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I love what I do because I get the chance to share my love for fitness and healthy living to others. 

linda de leon


Linda De Leon has 14 years of fitness experience, as member of Beth’s Body Tech and the Velociti Fitness League. She is a SCW certified Personal Trainer and AFAA certified Kick Box Instructor.

Linda specializes in fitness programing for older adults and individuals with fibromyalgia.

She is a member of IDEA.